Dental Implant Process Explained

Watch this video to learn more about the process for placing dental implants for replacing missing or broken teeth.

Some people want to know what is the process of having an implant done? What we like to do is schedule a consultation and we basically have the patients come in, We sit down in my private office so I could find out what you expect of us. What are you looking to have done? And then we need to determine if that’s something that’s possible.

So we would take a special X-ray called the panoramic X-ray that goes around your head. We would sit down, review everything with you, and then we would go over what the options are whether we’re restoring a single tooth or multiple teeth or if we’re doing like a full arch. We also break it down into phases. So if it’s something that you wanted to do, but you needed more time to work it into your budget, we let you know how it can be broken down into phases.