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Full mouth reconstruction in Montville, NJ for a healthy, functional smile

Your teeth and gums play an integral role in many parts of your life – from chewing your food properly for healthy digestion to communicating with others through speech and facial expressions. If your smile is not healthy or functional, it can have negative consequences for both your health and self-confidence. At Ferrari Dental, we understand the importance of a healthy smile for your overall well-being and offer full mouth reconstruction services for patients in the Montville, Kinnelon, Lincoln Park, Parsippany, and surrounding NJ communities.

What is a full mouth reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is a highly customized treatment plan that is designed to restore the health, function, and aesthetics of your smile. It typically consists of a series of dental treatments that are personalized for your specific oral health needs, with the end goal being a total mouth restoration that looks and functions as great as it feels.

What treatments does a full mouth construction include?

Because every patient’s individual oral health needs, treatment preferences, and desired results are unique, Dr. Jon Ferrari uses an in-depth consultation and evaluation process to help you determine, which treatments your full mouth rehabilitation plan will include. It may consist of procedures such as:

  • Gum disease treatment to eliminate the bacterial infection, gum damage, and other oral health problems associated with periodontitis
  • Root canal therapy to save an infected tooth
  • Tooth-colored fillings to repair teeth that have cavities
  • Dental extractions to remove teeth that are too damaged to repair
  • Dental bridges, partial or full dentures, or dental implants to replace teeth that have been lost or extracted
  • Dental crowns to protect and restore the function of teeth that have been worn down, fractured, or have significant decay
  • Cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening or porcelain veneers to provide dazzling results after the function and health of your teeth have been restored

We believe that patients have the best outcomes when they have an active role in their dental care. Dr. Ferrari will take the time to explain all of your options to you and why he is recommending them, and you will never feel pressured to rush through decisions.

If you are ready to have the healthy, beautiful smile that you deserve, call Ferrari Dental today. Our office is conveniently located in Montville, NJ, and can be reached at (973) 314-8850.

Success Stories

 Sarah C.
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Gooooood. My friends dog chipped my front tooth, so embarrassing! They were very understanding and fixed it right away, thanks guys!!
~ Sarah C.
Success Stories
Dr. Jon R. Ferrari

Dr. Jon R. Ferrari

A graduate from New York University Dr. Jon Ferrari is a very established professional in the field of dentistry. He is a firm believer in giving back to the community and providing high-quality dental services.

With over 25 plus years of expertise in the industry, Dr. Ferrari brings with him a plethora of skill and knowledge which he utilizes to provide the best possible dental care for his patients. He continues to stay abreast of any developing technology and practices that may better his service standards by participating in various continuing education programs and investing resources in the latest technology and equipment.

Dr. Ferrari is passionate about helping people while striving for excellence in exceeding his client’s expectations.