How Long is the Implant Retained Denture Process?

Watch this video to learn more about the timeframe you can expect for receiving an implant retained denture.

Some people ask us what how long does it take to do a implant retained denture and basically it depends on the case. Every case is going to be different. For some cases. We need to have the denture made before we remove any teeth. If there’s teeth that are loose that need to come out, we would have the denture made, then remove the teeth and then place the denture, let everything heal, and then bring the patient back in and have the implants placed.

If it’s an existing patient with a denture that’s loose, sometimes we can place the implants and use the actual denture that the patient’s comfortable with to secure that and have that snap in. Or we can make them another denture and then they would have a backup denture in case something happened to their original denture.