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Tooth-Colored Fillings

When teeth experience minor damage or decay, dental fillings are often used to restore their function and appearance. They are commonly provided to repair the damage caused by cavities, which cause holes or voids in a person’s teeth. By receiving a dental filling, these holes become sealed so that food particles cannot access the inner areas of a tooth and cause further damage.

Ferrari Dental offers tooth-colored fillings that consist of a combination of quartz and glass fillers housed inside a resin medium. This type of filling is also called a composite filling, and it provides a result that is stronger and more durable than a traditional metal filling. Composite fillings ensure a tight, secure fit that adds to the overall strength of the tooth, while also not being prone to leaking. Our composite fillings look like healthy, natural teeth, and they are built to last, being able to fully withstand the pressure associated with chewing food every day.

When a patient receives a tooth-colored filling, the first step is to remove any decayed portions of the tooth and any existing filling material that is present. After the tooth has been cleaned, a composite filling material that matches the natural color of the tooth is applied. The filling is hardened using a dental curing light, giving it the strength and consistency of a healthy tooth. Finally, the tooth is polished and shaped so that it has a natural appearance. Once the process is complete, the patient will be able to resume their usual eating, brushing and flossing habits.

If you believe that you have a cavity and you would like to receive more information about tooth-colored fillings, please call us at (973) 282-8277 to schedule an appointment.

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"I have been going to Dr. Ferrari for a few years now and it's always a nice experience even though it's a dentist! My dental health has improved since Jill has been working with me on a regular basis. She is very skilled at what she does and also very friendly. Susan, the receptionist, and the rest of the staff are also very friendly. The office is really nicely decorated and you feel really comfortable there. The facility is state of the art with all the latest equipment, including digital X-rays which I'm so grateful for. The waiting is never very long, if at all. I've always had positive experiences at Ferrari Dental."

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"Ferrari Dental is a great office! Friendly, knowledgeable staff who really know what they are doing & make you comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. You are in great hands with Dr. Ferrari and his staff! The office is beautiful and the warm, welcoming atmosphere almost makes going to the dentist fun!"

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"As always a great experience. Excellent service. I highly recommend anyone who desires a warm environment and a pleasant professional staff. The office is up to date technically."

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