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Professional teeth whitening for a pearly white smile in Montville, NJ

With movie-star smiles everywhere you look, having yellowed or stained teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile. At Ferrari Dental in Montville, NJ, we offer a variety of teeth bleaching services to help you get a pearly white smile you are proud to show off.

How teeth whitening works

At Ferrari Dental, we offer in-office teeth whitening treatments for immediate results as well as take-home treatments that use customized trays and a whitening solution. Both types of treatments harness the power of hydrogen peroxide, a natural tooth whitening agent. It penetrates the enamel of your teeth to work deep within the tubules, oxidizing stains so that they appear colorless and whiten the appearance of your teeth.

Why choose professional teeth whitening?

Simply put, professional teeth whitening is the best way to whiten teeth. While it can be tempting to just buy at-home teeth whitening products at the grocery store or pharmacy, professional teeth whitening is a safer, better option for many reasons:

  • Better, faster results: Medical-grade teeth whitening products can whiten your teeth by several shades and work on stubborn stains due to smoking, inadequate oral hygiene, and other issues more effectively than over-the-counter options, all while producing these results more rapidly
  • Customized treatment: When over-the-counter products are designed to work for as many people as possible, they don’t provide terrific results for anyone. Whether it is an in-office treatment or at-home whitening, we provide personalized care for your specific needs. For patients doing at-home whitening, we provide you with custom-designed trays that fit your mouth perfectly for a comfortable fit and can adjust the potency of your whitening treatment for faster results or to reduce sensitivity
Teeth Whitening

  • Safety: With professional teeth whitening, we use high-quality materials you know you can trust; in addition, for patients doing at-home whitening, the custom-fitted trays are specifically designed to keep the whitening gel on your teeth and off your gums, where it can cause irritation
  • Longer-lasting results: With professional whitening, your results will last longer than over-the-counter treatments and you can re-use your trays should touch-ups be needed later on

A gleaming smile is just a phone call away

We perform an in-depth consultation to help you determine which type of teeth whitening is best for your needs, and if traditional teeth whitening services will not work due to dental restorations or permanent stains, we offer alternatives such as beautiful porcelain veneers. Get the bright, white smile you deserve by calling Ferrari Dental in Montville, NJ at (973) 314-8850 today!

Success Stories

 Sarah C.
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Gooooood. My friends dog chipped my front tooth, so embarrassing! They were very understanding and fixed it right away, thanks guys!!
~ Sarah C.
Success Stories
Dr. Jon R. Ferrari

Dr. Jon R. Ferrari

A graduate from New York University Dr. Jon Ferrari is a very established professional in the field of dentistry. He is a firm believer in giving back to the community and providing high-quality dental services.

With over 25 plus years of expertise in the industry, Dr. Ferrari brings with him a plethora of skill and knowledge which he utilizes to provide the best possible dental care for his patients. He continues to stay abreast of any developing technology and practices that may better his service standards by participating in various continuing education programs and investing resources in the latest technology and equipment.

Dr. Ferrari is passionate about helping people while striving for excellence in exceeding his client’s expectations.