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Save an infected tooth with root canal treatment in Montville, NJ

Save an Infected Tooth with Root Canal Treatment in Montville, NJ Area

When infections reach the inside of your tooth, it’s only a matter of time before your tooth has to come out. Luckily, advances in dental technology allow dentists to save a tooth even if the infection has reached deep into the dental pulp. Dr. Ferrari in Montville, NJ, offers root canal treatments to restore your oral health, so patients can find the relief they need without losing a tooth.

Endodontic therapy

Dental root canals, or endodontic therapy, are a complex procedure that dentists use for the treatment of teeth with advanced decay. If you are suffering from a bad toothache, bacteria may have reached the inner layers of your tooth where the nerves and blood vessels flow. The only options to treat the infection are extraction or a root canal.

While root canals were once a painful and lengthy process, modern imaging devices and medications allow Dr. Ferrari to map the infection and plan to perform the procedure. During this process, your mouth is totally numbed to pain and discomfort. Most patients find relief within 24 hours of the procedure. 

What to expect during your procedure

If Dr. Ferrari determines you need a root canal during your exam, he will prescribe your oral antibiotics to help clear up the infection, and within a few days, you’ll notice an improvement in your pain. However, this is only temporary until the infection is cleared out during the procedure.

During your root canal, Dr. Ferrari will drill into your tooth and remove infected dental pulp, and in some cases, he will also need to remove the root. Next, DR. Ferrari will disinfect the area with antibiotic medication and fill the area with Gutta-percha, a naturally occurring rubber-like material. After the root canal, he’ll place a crown to seal off the area from infection and restore functionality to your tooth.

Don’t hesitate to treat pain and sensitivity in your teeth. Root canal therapy may mean the difference between keeping your natural tooth or losing it. Contact our office in Montville, NJ, today at (973) 314-8850 to set up an appointment

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