What are My Options If I’m Missing Multiple Teeth?

Watch this video to learn more about the options we offer to restore your smile if you have multiple missing teeth.

Some people want to know what their best option is if they’re missing multiple teeth. And I basically tell our patients, you basically have two options. We can place implants if you’re a candidate and make an implant retained denture, which gives you the ability to pretty much eat anything. But you do have to remove it and rinse it after meals.

You can leave it in when you go to sleep if you want. But the best option would be to do a permanent fixed bridge over the mini implants. And to do that we place 8 to 10 mini implants and then we have the lab fabricate a zirconia roundhouse bridge. But basically those are the two options. If you’re missing multiple teeth, we could either do a permanent bridge or we can do a removable denture retained by implants.