Laser Dentistry in Montville, NJ

In laser dentistry, lasers are used to remove or alter hard and soft tissues in a variety of dental procedures. There are many FDA approved uses for lasers in the United States. Many times, lasers are used in procedures involving soft tissues in the mouth like the gums.

Lasers can help streamline many procedures, as they can be used to cut and remove soft gum tissue, providing improved visibility and dental access when reshaping the gums for aesthetic purposes.

Laser Dentistry in Montville, NJ - Ferrari DentalSometimes lasers are used to remove excess gum tissue and help alleviate tight muscle attachments in the mouth or treat oral ulcers and cold sores.

Laser therapy can also treat periodontal disease, or gum infection, by removing the infected lining of gum tissue around the teeth and supporting the regeneration of healthy gum tissue.

Laser treatment may reduce bleeding during and after surgical procedures, cause less discomfort (and subsequently reduce the need for anesthesia) and reduce swelling.

Lasers can be used in a number of dental procedures, including teeth whitening, restorations, and detecting tooth decay. Any and all laser treatment options will be covered by your doctor before any work is done.

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