Floating Dentures Can Be a Thing of the Past

Floating Dentures in Parsippany, NJ | Implant-Supported Dentures

When you get a brand-new set of conventional dentures, everything seems great. The dentures were molded to sit on your gumline by your dentist so they fit snugly and securely. They’ve given you your smile and some biting power back. Life is good! But, over time, the wear and tear of constantly removing your dentures and the further deterioration of your jawbone means that your once-snug dentures don’t quite fit anymore. They move around while you eat or speak and occasionally come loose in an embarrassing mishap. You’re now suffering from the phenomenon known as floating dentures.

Many folks like you with traditional dentures experience this situation. It’s frustrating and, frankly, the opposite of what you had in mind when you first considered dentures. At Ferrari Dental, we’ve heard these stories countless times and understand your irritation. But there’s a solution that can pin down your floating dentures and give you the security and peace of mind you’re looking for: denture stabilization using dental implants.

The Floating Denture Dilemma

Floating Dentures in Parsippany, NJ | Implant-Supported Dentures

Floating dentures occur when traditional dentures lose their snug fit and start moving in the mouth.

While conventional dentures do replace your teeth, they don’t replace the roots of missing teeth. Without these roots, the jawbone isn’t stimulated, leading to changes in the shape of your jaw and gum ridge. These changes cause the fit of your dentures to loosen, and the prosthetic starts to float.

Some people choose to “grin and bear it” until they have the time or inclination to get their dentures relined, a process that improves the dentures’ fit—temporarily.

Over time, floating dentures can become more than just a nuisance. If you ignore them for long enough, they can begin to cause oral health and lifestyle issues.

What Problems Can Floating Dentures Cause?

If you’re still thinking that floating dentures are no big deal, you should know that they can cause:

  • Blisters and sores: Floating dentures constantly grinding into the interior of your mouth can create mouth sores that cause discomfort and sensitivity.
  • Gum irritation: Similarly, having your dentures rub up against the gums all day will cause irritation that can lead to infection or even increase the risk of oral cancer.
  • Increased risk of infection: Traditional dentures don’t replace your missing tooth roots, which leaves empty tooth sockets in the gumline where bacteria can gather and multiply. If not cleaned properly, your dentures themselves can become a home for bacteria.
  • Limited diet: Biting and chewing will be more of a struggle if your false teeth don’t fit properly. Not only does that mean you’ll need to stay away from some of your favorite foods, but it might limit your diet, making it harder to live a healthy, nutritious life.
  • Headaches and earaches: Denture issues can cause tension and strain that may cause pain in your head and ears.

The Mini Implant Solution

Ill-fitting dentures can cause many problems, but dental implants can help. These sturdy titanium posts hold your dentures firmly in place. Dr. Ferrari places these implants directly into your jawbone, providing a stable foundation for your dentures. Instead of your dentures simply resting on your gums, they’re anchored down, ending the issue of floating dentures.

If your existing dentures are in good condition, Dr. Ferrari may be able to turn them into snap-on dentures that connect to the implants but are removable.

There’s another tool in denture stabilization that comes in the form of mini dental implants. These slimmer, sleeker implants can be placed more quickly, with less invasiveness, and are just as strong as their larger counterparts. One of the best parts about mini implants, however, is that because they are so simple and quick to place, they’re cheaper than many other restorative dental procedures. Smaller, stronger, and more cost-effective? For many patients, mini implants are the superior choice.

Let’s Talk Finances

At Ferrari Dental, we understand that each individual’s financial circumstance is unique and that insurance plans are diverse. We’ll help you understand exactly what’s covered under your policy. If you need additional assistance, we provide various financing pathways. We even offer an in-house savings program that includes two cleanings, X-rays, and savings on services. Navigating these waters can sometimes feel intimidating, but our experienced team is equipped and ready to help you understand all available options.

Replace Your Floating Dentures Today!

If you’re tired of dealing with floating dentures and are ready for a change, we’re here to help. Dr. Jon Ferrari and his dedicated team have assisted many like you with denture stabilization. With our expertise, you can finally have that comfortable, natural-looking smile you desire.

Don’t let floating dentures keep you from enjoying your life. Discover the transformative impact of implant dentures by scheduling a free consultation with us today.

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