Tooth Extraction May Be the Answer to a Healthier Smile

Tooth Extraction May Be The Answer To a Healthier Smile

The phrase “tooth extraction” calls to mind many different images. Some think of a hockey player with a Swiss cheese smile popping out his tooth on the bench. Others imagine a movie villain readying his oversized pliers with our hero strapped to the table. Many remember a sibling tying a string to their tooth before slamming the door in the hopes of exacting some extra change from the Tooth Fairy. Rest assured that none of the methods we use to extract teeth at Ferrari Dental will resemble these!

Many people will need to undergo some sort of professional tooth extraction: it’s estimated that 85% of people will need to have wisdom teeth removed at some point in their lifetime. Having clear information about the why and how of tooth extraction can help clear up any misconceptions and lessen worry about the process. In many cases, a dental extraction can be the best solution for your oral health issues.

Why You Might Need a Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction May Be The Answer To a Healthier Smile

Despite what you may have heard, not all major oral issues will require a tooth extraction—in fact, Dr. Ferrari will try to save the original teeth whenever possible. However, there are a number of reasons why an extraction might be your best option:

  • Decay and disease: Teeth that are severely damaged by disease and decay may be beyond saving. In these cases, tooth extraction may be the best option to avoid further damage to adjacent teeth and tissue.
  • Infections: When tooth infections are so deep that they don’t respond to treatments like root canals, extraction becomes the only alternative.
  • Impacted teeth: An impacted tooth is one that has not “erupted,” or broken through the gum line. This is a common issue with wisdom teeth. If not removed, the teeth can cause pain, discomfort, and other problems.
  • Overcrowding: Before orthodontic treatment, it may be necessary to create extra space in your mouth by removing one or more teeth.
  • Trauma: Serious accidents can damage or break your teeth. If the damage is significant enough, then simple repairs may not suffice.

The Process of Tooth Extraction: Simple vs. Surgical

There are two types of tooth extraction procedures:

  1. Simple extraction: This is a straightforward procedure involving visible teeth. Dr. Ferrari will apply a numbing agent, loosen the tooth using specialized equipment, and remove it.
  2. Surgical extraction: A more complex procedure, surgical extraction deals with teeth that are not easily visible or accessible, such as impacted wisdom teeth. Dr. Ferrari will make an incision to access the tooth, and sometimes the tooth will need to be broken into pieces to facilitate removal.

Regardless of the method, we prioritize patient comfort. While you may feel pressure during the procedure, anesthesia is used to minimize discomfort.

Post-Extraction Care: Ensuring Proper Healing

The way you care for the extraction site post-procedure will affect your healing process and timeline.

  • Oral hygiene: You shouldn’t brush the surgical site for a few days after the extraction, but it is important to keep your mouth clean. Gentle rinsing with warm salt water will help.
  • Clotting is crucial: A blood clot will form after extraction, and this clot helps with the healing process. Avoid anything that might dislodge it, like using straws or smoking.
  • Food choices: Your diet should focus on soft foods for the first few days. Soups, mashed potatoes, and yogurt are great options.
  • Swelling and pain: Use prescribed medication and ice packs to help with pain management. If pain persists after a few days, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Considering Replacements Post-Extraction

Having a tooth extracted will leave a space in your mouth. Over time, this can affect your jawbone’s volume and density, cause your teeth to shift, and even affect how you chew. When considering tooth extraction, it’s also important to think about how you might replace that tooth in the near future. We offer multiple options for tooth replacement. Dental implants—especially the mini dental implants offered at Ferrari Dental—are an excellent solution as they offer increased stability for an artificial tooth and help maintain overall jaw health by replacing missing tooth roots.

Help with Financing

The cost of dental procedures sometimes weighs as heavily on us as the procedure itself. At Ferrari Dental, our commitment to comfort extends to the financial side of treatment as well. We offer financing assistance, work with insurance providers to get the most out of your plan, and provide an in-office savings program with discounted service costs for those without insurance. Whatever your situation, our team is here to assist with any financial concerns you may have when budgeting for a procedure.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Selecting the right dental practice for your tooth extraction can be a stressful choice. At Ferrari Dental, you can trust that our compassionate team will assist you throughout the process by helping you explore your treatment options, offering financial guidance, and ensuring that your comfort and care remain our top priorities. We combine expertise with empathy, making your journey smooth and straightforward from beginning to end.

While the thought of dental extractions might seem daunting, with the right dental practice and expert care, it’s a manageable process. If you think you might need a tooth extraction, or have questions about any part of the process, we’re here to help. Call to schedule your free consultation with us, and start your journey towards better oral health today.

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