Improving All-on-4® With Fix-on-Six®

All-on-4® Alternatives | Mini Dental Implants in Montville, NJ

Navigating the world of dental solutions can be overwhelming, especially when you’re seeking the best method to restore your smile. When it comes to replacing all your teeth, it can be even more confusing. Should you opt for implant dentures or old-school traditional ones? How many implants would you need? Are mini dental implants right for you? Are removable or fixed dentures most suitable? For years, the All-on-4® system was suggested for patients seeking an alternative to traditional dentures that provided increased stability. Today, we recommend Fix-on-Six®, an implant denture system that uses revolutionary mini dental implants.

The All-on-4® Dilemma

All-on-4® Alternatives | Mini Dental Implants in Montville, NJThe All-on-4® technique was undoubtedly a significant step forward in the world of dental implants. It allowed dentists to have a consistent and reliable way to replace an entire set of teeth with dental implants rather than traditional dentures. But like everything else, it didn’t come without limitations. The All-on-4® system requires a specific angle of insertion, which may not always suit every patient’s dental structure, and the traditional implants it uses require significant space in the jawbone. Plus, with only four implants to support a full arch, there’s little room for error should something go wrong.

Just as All-on-4® was a superior alternative to old-fashioned dentures, Fix-on-Six® offers new benefits.

Why Switch to Fix-on-Six®?

So, what makes Fix-on-Six® stand out from All-on-4®? The answer is partly in the name and partly in the use of mini dental implants. Instead of relying on four conventional implants, Fix-on-Six® uses six mini implants to support a full dental arch. This disperses the bite and chewing pressure onto more implants and provides a more stable foundation. It’s like comparing a roof held up by just four beams to one supported by six.

While All-on-4 improves upon the traditional denture-wearing experience, some patients simply aren’t eligible for the procedure due to insufficient jawbone volume. With Fix-on-Six® and the innovation of mini dental implants, more people than ever before are eligible for superior denture options. The slim design of mini implants allows them to fit more easily in the jawbone, making this technique perfect for patients with significant bone loss.

The Simplicity of the Procedure

While All-on-4® requires incisions and sometimes bone grafting, Fix-on-Six® avoids these complexities. The procedure is straightforward, reducing discomfort and speeding up recovery. In other words, you spend less time in the dental chair and more time flaunting your new smile!

Having mini implants placed is virtually pain-free thanks to Dr. Ferrari’s gentle technique and the minimally invasive procedure. First, Dr. Ferrari will apply a local anesthetic and drill a small pilot hole for each implant. Then, he places the implants into the hole and secures each one. Once in place, he will attach the denture. After that? You’re done! With mini dental implants, you can walk into the office completely toothless and walk out the same day with a secure and functional smile.

Fix-on-Six® Offers More Than All-On-4®

Just as the mini dental implants redefined implant solutions, the Fix-on-Six® system is setting new standards in denture care. Like All-on-4®, this system is a superior alternative to traditional dentures. But, it offers benefits that conventional implant options can’t match. Fix-on-Six® is known for its stability, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and minimally invasive procedure. And it can be completed in a fraction of the timeframe as All-on-4®. With so many advantages, we think the winner is clear.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade from no dentures, traditional dentures, or All-on-4® dentures to Fix-on-6®, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Ferrari. After meeting with you to examine your situation and discuss your case, he can create a personalized plan that aligns with your needs, goals, and budget.

Cost Comparisons

We understand that cost is a concern for many patients. While Fix-on-Six® may have a higher upfront cost than traditional dentures, it’s a wise investment for denture security, stability, and convenience. The added expense contributes to a long-term solution, offering greater comfort and confidence in daily activities without requiring frequent adjustments.

Opting for Fix-on-Six®, which utilizes mini dental implants, is a cost-effective alternative to All-on-4®, which uses traditional implants. The reduced expense of mini dental implants makes Fix-on-Six® an economical yet reliable solution for those seeking the benefits of a fixed, secure denture system.

When it comes to your budget, we’re here to help you find a path to a brighter smile that doesn’t stretch you too thin. Our dedicated team will examine your dental insurance so you know exactly what your plan covers. If financing options are needed, we’ve partnered with multiple lending partners to offer competitive rates that won’t break the bank. We even offer an in-house savings program that provides discounts on services.

Your Next Step

Your journey to a restored smile shouldn’t be filled with confusion or stress. Our team, led by experienced dentist Dr. Ferrari, is here to help you discover a denture solution that works for you. If you’re looking for alternatives to traditional dentures or All-on-4®, we invite you to learn more about the benefits of Fix-on-Six® at Ferrari Dental. Don’t wait any longer to experience denture stability. Schedule a free consultation with us today.

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